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Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
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We perform total or partial demolition of commercial buildings leveling to the ground or leaving the foundation and parking structure intact and also we perform grading or leveling of any size project if after demolition or just clearing off a lot for grading or leveling. 

Leveling also will be administered on the other areas that require to be level (e.g. paths, driveways, etc.). However, this may only be done to exact measurements when it is time to undertake those projects, as often machinery and therefore the construction process will slightly change the amount , meaning that the method must be redone. Demolition wastes are heterogeneous mixtures of building materials like aggregate, concrete, wood, paper, metal, insulation, and glass that are usually contaminated with paints, fasteners, adhesives, wall coverings, insulation, and dirt. These sorts of wastes are generated from the entire or selective removal/demolishing of existing structures either by manmade processes or by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc.

The Benefits

Our Demolition is environment-friendly although you don’t know it as a layperson. many aged buildings have asbestos as a part of the structure which is now considered as a hazard both for you and your neighbors.