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Mr. Bakers Building,
Office No:103,
Aboobaqr Siddiqui Road,
Al Muteena, Deira,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
PO Box. 83593


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We are a company that can offer and deliver complete solutions to our customers. We are a business partner, with years of great knowledge and have the most effective machinery/equipment together with an experienced and knowledgeable staff.

We perform demolition on entire or parts of a Building construction, cutting industrial machinery, Interior and selective demolition that demands renovation & reconstruction. All projects are administered in keeping with current regulation and requirements from the authorities.


In general, these kinds of projects will take multiple days or weeks to finish and can have an outsized volume of fabric to take out. These projects include the demolition and removal of:

  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Exterior Studios
  • Outbuildings

The Benefits

Our Demolition is environment-friendly although you don’t know it as a layperson. many aged buildings have asbestos as a part of the structure which is now considered as a hazard both for you and your neighbors.


Our sustainability depends on minimizing waste to landfill by deliberately and delicately removing all salvageable material before razing a structure.

Project on time

Within all of those projects we’ve used our expertise and valuable experience to hold out these projects efficiently and effectively.

Modern Tech

Fast Track Building Demolition LLC. is equipped with all latest machineries to meet all demanding job requirements.


Our Demolition is environment-friendly albeit you don’t know it as a layperson.